Bills inscriptions

George Bills was born in Brighton in 1859 but moved to Australia when young and established a successful business in Sydney. George Bills died on 14 December 1927 (his wife, Annis, died on 20 June 1910). His will ensured the income from the residue of his estate was to be used to provide troughs for horses, mainly across Australia, but in conjunction with the MDFCTA, a few in England and Ireland. See here for more information about George and Annis Bills and their horse troughs in Australia.

A total of 6 "Bills" troughs were erected in England and Ireland. Four troughs are extant but two, in Wellgarth Road, Hendon; and Harolds Cross, Dublin have been lost. The Bills trough from Wellgarth Road was moved by Barnet council during road improvements but was never restored.

Englefield Green

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