LocationNorth side of Webb Street just east of the corner with Tower Bridge Road.
Side inscription
Front inscription
End inscriptionTHE GIFT OF
MDFCTA number1349
Type and sizeTrough 2a 18ft granite
Original locationTabbard Street, Southwark.
Date erectedDecember 1896
CommentsThis trough was originally on the Old Kent Road, opposite the deaf & dumb asylum. In July 1899 it was moved by the vestry to the junction of Great Dover Street & Tabbard Street. The cost of 80.0.0 was defrayed by J.H. Buxton. For many years the trough was in the playground of Grange Primary School, Webb Street, Southwark. During the redevelopment of the school in 2017 the trough was saved by the architect and moved onto Webb Street. This trough is one of a few that contain the inscription "METROPOLITAN DRINKING FOUNTAIN AND CATTLE TROUGH ASSOCIATION" instead of the more usual "METROPOLITAN DRINKING FOUNTAIN & CATTLE TROUGH ASSOCIATION". For a full list of troughs with an "AND rather than a "&" click here. It is also one of many donated by J.H. Buxton. It must be a coincidence that one of the few remaining pubs with the original "TRUMAN HANBURY BUXTON" lettering is just a few hundred yards away (see below).
AcknowledgementsMany thanks to T.W. for bringing this trough to my attention; and also for preventing it being cut into two pieces!