Alexandra Park

LocationOutside the main office of Capital Gardens Centre, Alexandra Park.
Side inscriptionMETROPOLITAN
Side inscription(unknown - the trough is against a building)
Front inscription
End inscription
MDFCTA number????
Type and sizeTrough 1c 9ft 6in granite
Original location????
Date erected
CommentsThis trough and another were relocated to Alexandra Park when Capital Gardens moved from the Highgate Garden Centre, Townsend Yard, Highgate. Thereford, it is likely this trough was originally installed somewhere in the Highgate/Hampstead area. It is possibly the one erected in West End Lane, Hampstead in 1898 [1376].
AcknowledgementsThanks to A.B. for informing me about this trough; and to M of Capital Gardens for informing me about the move from Highgate to Alexandra Park.