New Haw (now missing)

LocationAt the “V” between Woodham Lane and Common Lane. Inside the garden/yard of 14A Common Lane.
Side inscriptionQUEEN VICTORIA
Side inscription
Front inscription
End inscriptionMETROPOLITAN
MDFCTA number1564 (very tentative)
Type and sizeTrough 1d 9ft 6in granite
Original locationBermonsey. Surrey Docks (very tentative)
Date erected31 October 1903 (very tentative)
CommentsThe owner of 14A Common Lane (Town & Country Roads Ltd) didn't know where the trough was located originally. My best guess, with no evidence apart from the date on the trough, is this is the trough that was erected at the junction of Redcliff & Union Roads near, Surrey Docks station on 31 October 1903. This trough contained the inscription: “Queen Victoria 1901”. It was moved to China Gate in 1932. One of a number of troughs and fountains that were dedicated to Queen Victoria. This trough is no longer at the location where the above photo was taken. Does anyone know where this trough has been moved to?