LocationAt the V at the junction of Manchester Road (A635) and Audenshaw Road (B6390).
Side inscription
Front inscription
End inscription
MDFCTA number
Type and sizeTrough 1c 9ft 6in granite
Original location
Date erected1879
CommentsI'm not sure if this is an MDFCTA trough. It is the same size and design as an MDFCTA trough but lacks an inscription. In June 1879, a Mrs Ashworth who lived in Fairfield held a sale of work to raise money for the erection of a Cattle and Horse Trough. An account of this can be found in the local Reporter, page 5, 14th June 1879. On the 17th August 1879 a Trough was officially opened by a Major Sharatt, of Droylsden at the junction of Audenshaw Road and Manchester Road, Reporter 23rd August 1879, page 5. The Trough was made in Cornwall of Cornish Granite at a coat of 55-5 Shilling. It is interesting to note that the Trough had both an upper and lower basin, the lower one being for sheep and dogs. John Lee of the London Cattle Trough Association and erected by a Thomas Bates & Company of Droylsden. The Ashon Waterworks Company connected the waterworks supply. The Trough is situated in the former Urban District of Audenshaw, now a part of the Tameside M B area in the county of Greater Manchester. Inscribed on the Trough is the following verse: A Righteous Man Regardeth the Life of His Beast A number of farms were situated close to the Trough, Dean Head Farm being just a few hundred yards and reputedly built in 1671-2. This is almost certainly NOT an MDFCTA trough.