LocationJust outside the side-door of the Rochester Guildhall/Museum.
Side inscription
Side inscription
Front inscription
End inscription
MDFCTA number
Type and sizeTrough 1c 9ft granite
Original location
Date erected
CommentsThis is one of several plain troughs located in Kent. I'm not sure if this is an MDFCTA trough. It is the same size and design as an MDFCTA trough but doesn't appear in the MDFCTA records. There was another MDFCTA trough erected in Rochester but I don't believe this is it. According to A.T. of the Medway Archives, 'Kent Today' from 12 March 1998 (p.9), in an article entitled 'Take a peek at antique trough', states that the granite trough originally stood in Whiffen's Avenue, Chatham. It was later moved to Chatham Cemetery where it was hidden for many years under much undergrowth before it was removed for restoration and placed outside the Guildhall.