Horse Guards

LocationIn the stables of the Horse Guards, Whitehall
Side inscriptionMETROPOLITAN
Side inscription(unknown the trough is too close to a wall)
Front inscription(unknown)
End inscription(unknown)
MDFCTA number4006 (originally 0742)
Type and sizeTrough 1c 9ft 6in granite
Original locationWestminster. Horse Guards, Whitehall (originally Harcourt Road, Deptford)
Date erected11 October 1951 (originally June 1880)
CommentsThis trough, as MDFCTA number [4006], is in the stables, Horse Guards, Whitehall. It was originally from Harcourt Road, Deptford and moved to Horse Guards in October 1951. It was originally erected, as MDFCTA number [0742], in Deptford at the junction of Harcourt and Brockley Roads in June 1880. The gift of 3 sisters (Mrs. Wheeler etc.). It was moved to the to other side of the fountain owing to electric trams in 1911. It was removed to the council depot in February 1951; and then to H.R. stables, Whitehall, as MDFCTA number [4006], in October 1951.