LocationIn Glastonbury Market Place slightly south of the Market Cross.
Side inscription
Side inscription
Front inscription
End inscription
MDFCTA number1079 (tentative)
Type and sizeTrough 1c 9ft 6in granite
Original locationSomersetshire (sic). Glastonbury
Date erectedSeptember 1885
CommentsAlthough this trough is of the expected type and size; and is at the expected location in Glastonbury (i.e. by the Market Cross) I'm not sure that the extant trough dates from 1885. Especially since according to Frith’s Photographic Town Memories (Glastonbury). Steve Wallis 1904. On pages-36/37 there is a photo of the Market Cross with the comment “the water trough in all four photographs has also been replaced with a concrete example in a new position). Can anyone confirm if this is the original trough from Glastonbury (1885) or a more modern replacement?