LocationJust inside the car park of The Queen’s Head pub.
Side inscription
Front inscription
End inscription
MDFCTA number2566
Type and sizeTrough 1d 9ft 6in
Original locationSussex. Northiam
Date erected1 June 1933
CommentsRSPCA Hastings. Originally on the Main Road, Northiam opposite Barrister Stores. This trough used to be outside The Mill at Northiam. When the road was being widened somewhere between 1976 and 1980, the trough was going for scrap and the landlord of The Queen’s Head, John Cook, acquired it and brought it to Sedlescombe. At first, he took a team of chaps over to try to bring it back on a trailer but it was far too heavy and a man called Don Godden who worked in the Mill picked it up with a grab and put it on a low loader and brought it here.
AcknowledgementsThanks to Mrs. P.R. and John Cook for explaining how this trough was moved from Nortiam to Sedlescombe.