Chislehurst (Red Hill)

LocationWest side of Red Hill just south of the corner with the south branch of Victoria Road (north of Ingleby Way).
Side inscriptionMETROPOLITAN
Side inscription
Front inscription
End inscription
MDFCTA number2113 (originally 0362)
Type and sizeTrough 1d 9ft 6in granite
Original locationChislehurst & Sidcup. White Horse Hill (originally Hyde Park Gate)
Date erected8 March 1920 (originally August 1877)
CommentsThis was originally a type 1c trough erected at Kensington Road, Hyde Park Gate, as MDFCTA number [0362], in August 1877. It was the gift of Miss Diane Browne £50.0.0. It was removed on 10 August 1919 and replaced by Mrs. Davidson-Houstonís trough. When it was removed from Hyde Park Gate and re-erected at White Horse Hill Chislehurst, the fountain end from a trough at Dartery Rd, Chelsea, with MDFCTA number [1241], was added.