Wimbledon Parkside

LocationWest side of Parkside, opposite the corner with Parkside Avenue.
Side inscriptionMETROPOLITAN
Side inscription
Front inscription
End inscription
MDFCTA number0036
Type and sizeTrough 1c 9ft 6in granite
Original locationWimbledon. The Common Road south-east corner heading to Putney. (originally on The Strand opposite Somerset House)
Date erected1 March 1904
Comments This trough was the gift of Mr. R.Hanbury M.P. and was originally (November 1878) located on The Strand by Somerset House. It was moved to the south-east corner of Wimbledon Common on 1-March-1904. Although this trough was moved from one district to another it was not re-allocated a new MDFCTA number. Robert Hanbury (1845-1903) was MP for Tamworth and later for Preston, 1885-1903. In the 1890s he lived at Sidney Lodge, Parkside. The trough is adjacent to this fountain. A photo of the trough and fountain in their original location, in the Strand near to St. Mary-le-Strand church, can be found on page 166 of Lost London 1870-1945, Philip Davies (English Heritage).